If you are trying to become a famous movie star to complete this week’s challenge or just in general, you can do so by first getting the voice actor job under the career tab.

Once you get this job, you will need to work your way up through promotions, but you will first need to create the right character before you can even do this.

That said, start by creating a character with high looks of at least 70 and up. You can do this by rerolling until you get good stats. If you are unsure how to reroll, simply recreate your character until the stats are decent and around 70 for looks.

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After this, you will then be set to begin your journey to become a movie star by first aging until you finish high school – after graduating, you will then need to search for a job called voiceover actor.

If you don’t see this job, we recommend aging by a few years or closing the app and relaunching it. When you do finally see the job and manage to get accepted, all you need to do next is work hard via under the job tab and get promoted.

This should happen after 4 or 6 years, and when it does, you will be promoted to an actor. At this point, you will want to continue on until you become a lead actor.

You can also speed this up by setting your hours to 50 under the option jobs and improving your relationship with your supervisor.

Do this along with working hard, and you will eventually land the lead actor role, and when it happens, it will only be a matter of a few years before you become a famous movie star.

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