If you want to be a Confidential Informant in BitLife, you will first need to complete a few steps, all of which we explain in this guide.

How to be an Informant in BitLife

If you want to be a Confidential Informant in BitLife, you will first need to be a part of a crime family or mafia. At this point, you will be able to get a job as a Confidential Informant by visiting the jobs tab under careers.

However, being a Confidential Informant is a dangerous job and has a low life expectancy, but you can make it work if you are smart. That said, once you are a Confidential Informant, you will need to wait four years to build a case against your mafia family. If you live through those four years and get enough proof, you will enter the witness or witsec and begin a new life.

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But keep in mind, when you become an Informant, you can not get caught doing any crimes or your status as an Informant will be revoked. Thus, it is ideal only to become an Informant after you get promoted a few times, as this makes it hard to move up the ranks in the mob. 

Once you become a snitch, you can then collect info on your former mafia buddies by clicking on their name in the relations or mafia family tab, and then by clicking a notebook pencil icon. This icon will read Collect evidence against this person, and if you click the icon you will be able to gather evidence against this person and eventually get them arrested. 

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