To barricade windows in Project Zomboid, players will need to first get a hammer, some nails, and wood planks. When you have all three items, you can barricade windows by right-clicking on a window and clicking the barricade option.

But before you can barricade windows, you will need all three required items. That said, here’s how to get all three items below. 

How to get Hammers and Nails in Project Zomboid?

Players can get the hammers they need by looting garages, tool cabinets, and other containers. Nails can be found in the same locations as tools and can be gained from disassembling furniture.

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How to get planks in Project Zomboid?

Players can get planks in Project Zomboid by disassembling various furniture. To disassemble most types of furniture to get planks, you will need one saw and a hammer. Don’t worry if you don’t have a saw, as they can spawn in the same places as hammers and other tools.

Once you get a saw, you can also use it to turn logs into planks along with disassembling. To disassemble, right-click an item and click the disassemble option, and to turn logs into planks, click saw logs after righting them. 

But to use the logging method of getting planks, you will need to get an ax. You can find axes often inside fire stations, and when you find one, you can use it to chop down trees by right-clicking on them.

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