Moderation tools on Twitch allow users to filter words, usernames, and spammers to automatically be disposed of in your chat. Automatic settings can be finicky but manually banning a user can be frustrating, albeit satisfying.

Banning By Clicking

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On Twitch, both the broadcaster and their moderators can manually ban or timeout users from their channel. Beside the name are icons to delete their message, timeout the user for 600 seconds, or ban them. A little window will appear when clicking on a user’s name as well and broadcasters and moderators will have access to additional moderation settings.

The options from left to right are ban, timeout for 600 seconds, unmod user if the user is modded, purge messages or timeout for one second, timeout for 600 seconds, timeout for an hour, timeout for eight hours, and timeout for 24 hours.

Banning In Chat

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Broadcasters and moderators have additional options when typing in chat. They are activated by typing / before a command. A few of them include /ban that can be followed up with the username of the individual you want to ban. The reasoning can be left blank but will be seen by other moderators if filled out. /timeout can also be used and will require a duration or will automatically be set to 600 seconds. To unban someone, the command /unban can be used followed by the person’s username.

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AutoMod And Ban Lists

In the Creator Dashboard, broadcasters can go to their Settings. Within Moderation, they can toggle their AutoMod’s behavior, add blocked terms and phrases, or whitelist terms and phrases. There are additional settings such as deleting hyperlinks made by anyone other than VIPs, mods, and admins or setting a verification requirement to talk in chat. Verification settings can include needing a verified email or phone number before a user can chat.

The Banned Users list is also in the Moderation settings and will display every banned user as well as the person that banned them. Broadcasters can also add more people to the list or unban people from this list by clicking on the trash can icon.

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