To kick and ban players in Barotrauma, you will need to right-click on their name in the player list and click kick or ban, as shown below. For both administrator actions, you will also need to reason for the kick or ban, or it will not work.

Bans will permanently prevent players from rejoining the server, while kicks will remove the player from the game, but they will eventually come back.

You will also need to be either an admin or server owner to access the ban admin option. Mods can only kick players; Normal players can only start vote kicks. So if you are either a mod or just a regular joe on a sever, you will need to have either an admin or server owner come in and do the rest.

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How to Handcuff players in Baraotrauma?

It may also be worth using the handcuff feature to keep the troublesome player from griefing the submarine while you are waiting for someone to be kicked or banned.

To handcuff a player, you will need to first knock them out with either a stun gun or baton and then click and drag handcuffs into their inventory and equip them.

Once the handcuffs are checked as equipped, the annoying troll won’t do anything, and you can laugh at them while they kicked or banned.

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