Acquiring rare and powerful Devil Fruits is the first step in becoming all-mightful in the Roblox Blox Fruit universe. To truly get immense strength and stand above the rest of the players, you will need to awaken your Devil Fruits inside the game. To awaken your Devil Fruits, you must be at least level 1100 and complete a raid successfully.  

How to start a raid and awaken your Devil Fruit 

As mentioned earlier, you can need to complete a raid to awaken your Devil Fruits. To do this, follow the given steps.

  • Visit the Mysterious Scientist inside the laboratory on the Hot and Cold island in the Second World. You can only see him after entering the secret color codes RedBlueGreenand Blue in the color panel inside the laboratory. Climb the ladder to the newly opened entrance, and you will locate him.
  • If you are level 1100, you can buy the raid chip from the Mysterious Scientist by spending 100k Belli or trading any physical Devil Fruit. Select the type of raid you want to enter depending on the fruit you want to awaken. 
  • Stand inside the tubes near the Scientist and begin the raid event by paying the microchip as the entry token. Once the raid starts, you will need to clear four different islands in a spawn of 13 minutes
  • After completing the raid successfully, you will meet a Mysterious entity who will awaken your fruit for 1000 Fragments.

Remember, you can still obtain a raid chip from other players and start a raid, but it will be tough to complete the raid event as the lobby will be hard for any players below the 1100 level mark.

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