To avoid zombies in Project Zomboid, you will need to practice stealth and patience because rushing can quickly lead to bad situations. If you want to use stealth to avoid zombies, press the c key to sneak. 

When sneaking, make sure to use cover to avoid getting spotted by zombies. Sneak along fences and the sides of buildings, forests are a few examples of cover to use in the game. 

Another trick to use when sneaking is to scout your area before heading in. You can scout by pressing the right mouse button and moving the cursor towards a direction.

Doing so will move your camera out, allowing you to see what is ahead. If you have a line of sight that is not blocked by anything, you can often see groups of undead before you alert them. 

Because of this, it’s beneficial to use this tactic, as alerting zombies tend to draw in more to your location. If you alert more than one zombie, you can quickly get overwhelmed and murdered on the spot.

How to avoid alerting zombies in Project Zomboid 

To avoid alerting zombies in Project Zomboid, you will need to avoid making noise and getting spotted by them. Zombies can spot you at a distance of 20 tiles.

To avoid getting a spot at this distance, we recommend using the sneaking and scouting tactic we talked about earlier. But to avoid making noise, you will need to avoid running, smashing windows, or doing anything that makes loud noises. 

Shooting guns is one such example, as guns in this game are loud, and zombies will rush towards the sound. Because of this, guns are best used as a last resort or if you get cornered. 

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How to avoid Zombies in Buildings and Bases in Project Zomboid

If you are inside a building, you can avoid drawing attention by following the steps we recommended earlier. 

  • Avoid making loud noises
  • Don’t run
  • Don’t get spotted

You don’t have to worry that much about being spotted inside buildings unless zombies an already inside. However, if you see windows, you need to cover them as zombies can see through them and spot you. 

To cover windows, you will need a sheet that you can make using your tailoring skill. Don’t worry if you don’t have the tailoring skill unlocked, as you can always loot houses for curtains that turn into sheets.

Regardless, we only recommend heavily using the covering window option in your base, as coving the windows of any old building is not practical.

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How to avoid already alerted Zombies in Project Zomboid

If you get spotted, the best thing to do is to break the line of sight long enough for them to stop tracking you. You can get them to stop following you by ducking behind walls, using fences and cars to block their sight. 

You should also wait a few seconds behind an object to cause the zombies to go to your last know position. 

If there is a large horde on your tail, you can break the horde up by moving into a forest. The forest will not stop the zombies from following, but slow them down, so you must keep moving.

We recommend getting as far as possible while also breaking the line of sight. You will eventually lose any alerted zombies if you are both far away and out of sight long enough. 

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