Heat and cold mechanics have always been in the Monster Hunter series, and Monster Hunter Stories 2 is no different.

When you get to the Loloska Wintry Way on the way to Kuan Village, you have to deal with the intense cold, what the game calls Frostbite. This cold mechanic can make battling in this region pretty dangerous, as it can make you and your monsties skip turns because they’ll be frozen solid.

To avoid this happening, there are a few ways to counter it. The first is to use an item known as Hot Mist. This is the equivalent of a Hot Drink, but for your entire party. The heat buff will last until you reach a village or return to an existing one.

You can find Hot Mist in chests in the snowy region and buy it in the item store when you get to the Kuan Village.

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The second way is to wear Cold Resistance Armor, which you won’t have access to when you first arrive in this snowy region. Once you progress through the story and start fighting more bigger monsters, this will be made possible.

The third way is to use a cold-weather monstie in battle. If this monster doesn’t mind the cold, then Frostbite won’t affect it. But like the Cold Resistance Armor, you won’t have this until you find an egg of an ice monster.

And the final way is to find a Talisman that has Cold Res as a skill. This will allow you to wear different armor, but you will have to sacrifice wearing a better Talisman if you have one.

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