If you want to attend parties in BitLife, it is easy. First, you must make friends, which requires being nice to NPCs until they declare you are friends. After you make a few friends, you can start attending parties by finding an option to do so under a friend’s relationship profile.

To access a friend’s relationship profile, click the Relationships tab next to the age button on the Main Menu hub in BitLife. Under Relationships, you can attend a party by clicking a friend’s profile and finding the Party option. Using the Party option will have both you and your friend attend a random type of party in BitLife. 

How to make friends in BitLife

If you are trying to make friends in BitLife, the best way to make them is by being nice. Being nice to certain NPCs will make them like you and eventually want to be friends with you. However, making someone like you in BitLife requires using nice activities such as compliments and gifting items. If you keep being nice to someone and using friendly activities, you will eventually make many friends in BitLife.

Another great way to get friends is to make them early in a character’s life. In short, when your character is a child, they will get several pop-ups of other people wanting to be friends. Accept these events, and then you can keep the friends you made during childhood by spending time with them and hanging out. Eventually, as you age, you can attend parties and use these friends to complete requirements in future challenges.

How to attend five parties in BitLife

If you are trying to complete the Sinderella Challenge in BitLife, you must attend five parties. To attend a total of five parties, use the Party option under a friend’s relationship profile five times. Doing so will then checkmark the requirement in the Sinderella BitLife challenge. 

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