Snap is a new character in Fortnite that players can customize on their own. He comes with four different body parts to change, and to get those parts, you need to find the Tover Tokens. When you reach level nine (45 Battle Stars), you’ll unlock Snap.

How to assemble Snap in Fortnite

Snap comes pre-assembled with his default parts but to change the skin, go to your Battle Pass to find Snap. Snap will be on Page 1, which is on the front page, so go to Snap and press its picture to customize it (Press on Xbox or on PlayStation). You can change the head, arms, legs, or torso from there.

The Snap skin comes with 21 different head options, 21 different arm options, six leg options, and three torso options. These can be unlocked by completing different quests. To unlock all of these quests, you must redeem the Assemble Snap skin on page one of the premium Battle Pass.

What are Token Tokens in Fortnite?

You can also unlock snap pieces by collecting Tover Tokens on the map. Tover Tokens are a collectible that can contain pieces of Snap. The tokens are spread across various locations within Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, and can be found at different locations.

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