Horizon Forbidden West allows you to add outfit weaves, or mods, to Aloy’s outfits. The process to apply outfit weaves has changed in Horizon Forbidden West, however, so here is how you apply them.

In order to apply an outfit weave, your outfit will need an available weave slot, and you will need a compatible weave. You can check a weaves compatibility in your inventory, under coils and weaves.

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How to add weave slots to outfits?

Most of the outfits you find throughout the game will need to be upgraded in order to add a weave slot. You can do this at a workbench, provided you have the appropriate resources needed. Keep in mind that you will find many outfits throughout your journey. Upgrading outfits to their maximum tier can be expensive and require rare resources that are hard to come by.

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Where do you find Outfit Weaves?

Outfit weaves can be found by looting downed machines, or by checking vendors in settlements. The best way to farm Outfit weaves for free without spending those precious metal shards is by clearing machine sites and looting all the corpses.

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