Inscryption is a mix of horror and card game. Players must navigate the dark and mysterious world while battling various opponents in card games. Naturally, as a card game, players will want to collect cards and alter their deck. They might be wondering how to do this in Inscryption.

Altering your deck in Inscryption varies depending on which act you are playing. You may notice an Alter Deck option in the pause menu but cannot use it in Acts 1 and 3. You can only use this feature in Act 2 of Inscryption. This is how to alter your deck in each act of Inscryption.

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In Act 1 of Inscryption, players collect cards at random, automatically adding them to their deck. This means players will collect both good and bad cards. Don’t fear! You can remove unwanted cards by sacrificing them at altars on the game board. You can also lose cards at campfires and the Mycologist. This is the only way to alter what cards are in your deck in Act 1.

Players can use the Alter Deck option in the menu in Act 2. This act takes on a more TCG in which players can open deck packs throughout the game. Decks in Act 2 consist of 20 cards and can be altered at any time besides when in a card match.

With Act 3, players lose the ability to alter their deck from the menu. Instead, they sacrifice cards at specific encounters similar to Act 1. Players can also inscribe an ability into their cards that will cause them to be removed from their decks upon being destroyed.

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