To adopt pets in BitLife, you must go to the Animal Shelter. You can find the Animal Shelter by clicking on the Pets tab under Activities. At the Animal Shelter, you can adopt any animal you want from the list of potential pets. Select any animal you like, then click Adopt Them to adopt a pet. 

Doing so will require a small amount of money, so make sure you have enough before trying to adopt a pet. The price will vary but never goes past 160 dollars. On top of the base price for adoption, you will have a monthly expense. The monthly expense represents the amount you need to pay for pet food and other pet supplies, similar to real life. Because of this, we recommend getting a job before getting a pet so that you can afford to take care of them.

How many pets can you own in BitLife?

How many pets you can own in BitLife depends on if you have Bitizen. Players with Bitizen can purchase any pet they want so long as they have a large enough property with enough rooms. Non-Bitizen players can have up to four pets in BitLife and can only adopt them from Animal Shelters in the game.

How to adopt cats in BitLife

To adopt cats in BitLife, you will need to visit the Animal Shelter. At the Animal Shelter, search for a cat from the list of animals. When you find a cat, click it, then click Adopt Them. Before adopting, make sure you have a house with enough space, or you will not be able to adopt your pet.

How to adopt dogs in BitLife

If you want to adopt dogs in BitLife, you will need to follow the same steps as with cats. Visit the Animal Shelter and locate a dog you like from the list of animals. Click on the dog, then click Adopt Them.

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