A big part of MMOs is interacting and playing with your friends. This is no different for Zenith: The Last City, Ramen VR’s VR MMORPG. While you can play alone, getting involved with the community is a big part of the fun. That being said, some players may be wondering how to add friends in Zenith: The Last City.

Adding friends is a little unorthodox in Zenith: The Last City. You both need to be in the same spot on the server to add friends. Once together, point your finger at the player you want to add. This will bring up a menu where you can select the add friend option. Once friends, they will appear as a dot on your map.

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You can party up with your friends and form guilds to tackle quests, world bosses, and monsters together. Having some backup will certainly make progressing through Zenith a lot easier. However, you can absolutely go it by yourself if you prefer to be a lone wolf!

If you see someone pointing at you, don’t call them rude immediately, they may just be trying to add you as a friend. So get out there and make some friends of your own!

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