To many Roblox players’ surprise, the platform isn’t exclusive to PC and mobile—Players can also play Roblox with friends on Xbox. Though there is a limited amount of Xbox compatible Roblox experiences when compared to the plethora available on PC, the platform can still be enjoyed by those on the console.

On top of that, players on Xbox can even add friends through Roblox that may be playing on different devices—resulting in cross-platform play.

Adding Roblox friends on Xbox

Unfortunately, unlike on PC or mobile, the Xbox version of Roblox doesn’t have an easily accessible Add Friend menu. Instead, you’ll have to find out your friend’s username and then enter it on the Roblox app or website or visit an experience on your Xbox that offers its own Add Friend system. These games include Roblox High School 2, Natural Disaster, Adopt Me, and Breaking Point.

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Inside these experiences, you can usually hover over a player you want to add and press RT or RB to select them. Doing so should open up a menu that will give you the option to add the selected player. Though this method works, it is tedious, so it’s recommended to use the Roblox app or website to add your friends instead.

If the person you’re trying to add on Roblox also has an Xbox account, the adding friends process can become much easier. Simply add your friend by searching their Xbox Gamertag and joining their game from the Xbox menu. You may not be friends inside of Roblox itself, but you will stay be able to play together just the same!

Looking for more general help on adding Roblox friends? Check out our guide on how to send and accept a friend request on Roblox!

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