Many players of the game Starmancer have found that one of the earliest tasks they need complete can be one of the most complicated. The tutorial instructs players to command their first character to activate the S.O.S. Beacon. However, it doesn’t offer a lot of detail on how to do this. We explain how this is done in the guide below.

Activating the SOS BEacon in STarmancer.

This is the first manual task that we have to give in the game, so we’ve provided explicit detail below.

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  1. Click on a character that is willing to carry out the order you’d like to give (All characters at the start will be willing to activate the S.O.S. beacon, but some characters will refuse to do specific tasks in the future).
  2. On the bottom right of that character’s menu is an icon like the one shown above titled Command Override.
  3. Click on an on the object near the computer that is shown highlighted in yellow in the image above to the right.
  4. Select Activate S.O.S. Beacon.

Once you have completed the steps listed above, the task will be marked as complete. A conversation will engage with some traders, and you’ll be ready to continue through the tutorial.

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