After you have sold Groot, you get invited to get drunk with Lady Hellbender and her Hellraisers. Instead of doing so, you decide to follow a tracker Rocket placed on Groot and sneak through the corridors to rescue him.

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You’ll eventually make your way back to a familiar room, the room you first met Lady Hellbender, and you have to solve a puzzle to get access the elevator to take you to the monster pens below.

To do this, you look behind Lady Hellbenders’ throne and scan the pile of rubble. Then use Drax to pick up the nearby boulder, and he’ll throw it into the rubble to reveal a small tunnel. Order Rocket to go inside the tunnel.

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Rocket will then ask you to tell him what junction nodes to switch with your Visor by pressing Triangle, Y, or left-click. To solve this puzzle, you need a full yellow line to go from where Rocket is to the two junction panels in the throne itself.

With every node you switch, the yellow line will progress further into the room. Just follow the line and direct it to where you want it to go using these nodes. Once the line is connected twice to the throne, a set of stone stones will emerge from below, allowing you to climb up and access the panel on Lady Hellbenders’ throne. This will allow access to an elevator in the room.

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