To get into the Peak of Vindagnyr domain, you need to move the Skyfrost Nail. This massive pillar has crashed on top of the domain and is part of a hidden questline. Below is how to get the Skyfrost Nail to float.

To get things moving, you will need to break three large crystals scattered around Dragonspine. After breaking each crystal using scarlet quartz, they will fly to the mountain’s peak.

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Here is the location of all three crystals:

  • In front of the Frostbearing Tree.
  • In Starglow Cavern, at the very bottom.
  • In the ruins in Wyrmrest Valley.

Once all three have been sent to the peak, you will need to find the narrow path behind the Statue of the Seven. This path leads directly to the peak where the next part of the quest will begin.

How to Unlock the Peak of Vindagnyr

You will notice two crystals floating on islands near the grounded Skyfrost Nail; grab some Scarlet Quartz and break them. For the third crystal, you will need to follow the path to the top of the mountain using the anemo device to fly across to the other side. It’s here that you will find the final crystal.

Once you break the third crystal, the Skyfrost Nail will rise into the air revealing the Peak of Vindagnyr and several chests.

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