Skulls are an important part of the Halo series’ history. They have been hidden collectibles that players can find as they play the campaign. They typically are hidden in spots that are hard to find, but once found they can be activated to grant special effects.

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To activate skulls in Halo Infinite’s campaign you will first need to find them. Once you have found a skull it is available to be activated. Simply head to the campaign menu and either start a new one or load a previous campaign. You will see an option for skulls. Select this and you can activate whichever skull you want.

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Each skull has different effects that will alter your gameplay. Some create wacky scenarios while others can dramatically increase the difficulty of the campaign. Turn on skulls at your own peril and mix and match them to find the perfect setup for you.

Skulls don’t just provide bonus effects to your campaign, as hidden collectibles they are also a badge of honor and provide a sense of accomplishment. So get out there and find some skulls!

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