Accessing your item bar in games is incredibly handy for ease of use, but in Breakwaters, it’s not as straightforward as it seems. To highlight your item bar depends on if you are using a controller or mouse and keyboard.

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If playing on mouse and keyboard, you need to press and hold down Ctrl. This will enlarge the item bar and enable the use of the mouse cursor, so you can click on any item you want to use.

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If using a controller, you need to hold down RB. This will highlight the item bar allowing you to scroll through it using the d-pad or analog and then press X on the item you wish to use.

Keyboard users can utilize keyboard shortcuts for the item bar. So you can quickly change equipment or eat foot at a single press of a button. So if your sword was on number 1 and steak was on number 8. All you have to do is press number 1 to equip the sword and number 8 to eat the steak instantly.

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