FIFA 22 recently dropped special in-game rewards as part of the Apex Legends collaboration. The FIFA Ultimate Team rewards include various cosmetic items such as home kits, badges, and tifos, which are themed on the popular Battle Royale hero-shooter game.

The FIFA-Apex Legends crossover also brings a brand new VIP Area, which players can use to customize their FUT Stadium. You can access the Phase Runner VIP area by purchasing the Legends Ultimate Bundle from the in-game store for 180,000 FUT coins or 1,500 FIFA coins.

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For those who’re wondering, the Phase Runner in Apex Legends is a massive teleportation device that can be seen covering a huge part of the Olympus map. You can now use the VIP Area designed upon this unique element from Apex Legends.

The Legends Ultimate Bundle also includes kits and badges inspired by characters including Wraith, Gibraltar, and Octane. Additionally, you also get the Olympus XL tifo and Legends stadium theme. Make sure to grab these limited-time items before they’re gone from the store.

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