Soul Hackers 2 is a futuristic JRPG following the turn-based combat system of other Shin Megami Tensei titles. The combat is diverse and exciting with various elements, strengths, and weaknesses that players need to understand. Every enemy you meet in the game will be strong and weak against certain elements, and understanding this mechanic helps your party resolve fights quickly. Players start the game as Ringo, an artificial intelligence with a compassionate human side that compels her to save the world. The game has a few DLCs like The Lost Numbers bonus story arc which helps players understand the characters better. Here’s how players can access the DLC in Soul Hacker 2.

Where to access DLC in Soul Hacker 2?

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After installing the game and watching the initial cinematic cutscene, players will be directed to the home page of Soul Hackers 2 as shown above. Here you will find the DLC option. If you have purchased the DLCs for Soul Hacker 2, click on the DLC option to check the downloadable content available on the respective platform store page. For instance, if you purchased the game on Steam, then the Soul Hackers DLC store page opens up.

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You can download and access the DLC for Soul once the DLC page opens up. Steam users will get redirected to the page shown in the image above. Simply click on the Download option to access the DLC in Soul Hackers 2. You can access items from the DLC after progressing in the game and unlocking the Safe House. Select DLC from the menu in Safe House to access them in Soul Hackers 2. Players can also purchase the DLCs directly from this page to access them in-game simultaneously. While the Useful Item Set and Extra Difficulty DLC is free for all the players that purchased the game, the other DLCs need to be bought separately.

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