Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 has added several new gameplay features to its base game. One such feature is the Victory Crown. Developers Epic Games describe the Victory Crown as a boasting game item that you can earn after placing in the top few spots of a game. It only stops there, if you manage to win the next consecutive match wearing the Victory Crown, you will unlock the exclusive Crowing Achievement emote, and the win will be considered as Crowned Victory.

How can you earn Victory Crown in Fortnite?

 You can earn the Victory Crown depending upon your placement in different game modes.

  • Solo: Top four players
  • Duos: Players in the top two teams
  • Trios: Players in the winning team
  • Squads: Players in the winning team

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You can also steal and wear the Victory Crown of other players to get a Crowned Victory.

How to earn the Crowning Achievement Emote?

As mentioned before, you can redeem the Crowning Achievement emote by winning any match with the Victory Crown. You can either get the Crown by winning the previous match or steal by killing the bearer of the current game.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The emote looks pretty badass and displays the number of wins you got wearing the Victory Crown during the entire season.

Remember, the special emote is only available for the current season. So, get a hold of it before it goes away from the list.

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