EA Sports has released the much-awaited scouting update, overhauling the scouting area of Franchise Mode. The update adds an entire scouting department in Franchise Mode, more in-depth scouting, dynamic player news, and draft stock.

The new scouting update will add regional scouting and scouts with different skills and areas of expertise. Players will get up to five scouts to assign to different regions. Certain regions will have a concentration of a certain player position, so putting a scout with that position expertise is a good move.

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Scouting Throughout the Season

Scouts can be hired, fired, and assigned during the offseason, but there will be key weeks to perform scouting tasks during the regular season. However, EA developers note that players can also assign scouts and leave them alone without penalty. The key weeks for scouting during the regular season are:

  • Week 1 — Last chance to hire/fire/assign scouts.
  • Week 2 — Assign regional scouts to positions.
  • Week 8 — Assign national scout to position.
  • Week 11 — Highlight three players to unlock 30% of their draft profile.
  • Offseason Stage Three — Select three players for private workouts to unlock 40% of draft profile.
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During Week 3, the option to perform the first mock draft becomes available. Doing a mock draft gives an idea of what other teams are focusing on and allows players to see if their scouting prospects may be available at a certain pick.

Regional Scouting

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There are four regions available to assign scouts: West, Central, Northeast, and Southeast. Each region will display the top five prospects in the area and the positional strengths and weaknesses in the region. The top five prospects are subject to change due to the dynamic draft stock changes. Players can assign only one scout to each region, including a national scout that will take the most responsibility scouting top players.

Player Profiles

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Player profiles have received a huge improvement in the scouting update. Prospects have drastically more in-depth profiles, which include dynamic storylines that will affect draft stock throughout the season. Scouting players will unlock even more than their attributes and physicals. Scouting is broken down by percentages, with new information being unlocked at each tier.

  • 1% — Baseline physical information for prospects.
  • 10% — Player Notes including traits, throw style, etc.
  • Every 10% — 1 attribute is revealed on the skill tab as a letter grade.
  • 70% — Player archetype is revealed.
  • 100% — All player attributes and true talent range are revealed.

Dynamic Draft Stock

One of the most interesting features in the scouting update is the unpredictability of how prospects will shape up. News stories and reactions to prospects’ college play throughout the season will change how teams and scouts value them.

Individual draft profiles are much more in-depth after the scouting update. Player traits have detailed descriptions, physicals are broken down into easy-to-understand categories, and skills show off how the prospect is unique compared to others.

Overall, the scouting update will make Franchise Mode scouting much more of a deep experience and will hopefully offer a fresh experience since scouting has become very mundane in previous titles. It is important to note that players will not be able to use the scouting update in current Franchise Mode saves, so players must start a brand new Franchise Mode to get the scouting update.

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