Return to Monkey Island is a classic point ‘n’ click adventure with some modern twits. In the old days, you rarely had help if you got stuck, but here you’ll have a Hint book. With this magical item, you’ll always know how to solve a particular situation. Naturally, you want to know how the Hint book works and if it will spoil the fun of solving puzzles.

How to unlock the Hint Book in Return to Monkey Island

The Hint book in Return to Monkey Island is cleverly created to help you without giving you too much. Starting the game, you’ll have a problem using the Hint book no matter if you chose Casual of Hard mode. That’s because you must acquire it first! In Return to Monkey Island, this helpful book is a regular item and not part of the game menu. So, to get the Hint book, you must play the Prelude so you can start your journey on Melee Island.

  1. Head to Low Street, to the right of the Scumm Bar.
  2. Visit the International House of Mojo.
  3. Talk to Vodoo Lady.
  4. She’ll give you the Hint book.
Return to Monkey Island Inventory Hint Book
Image via GameTips.PRO

Now that you have this handy item, you can use it when you’re having problems with progress. To use the Hint book, open the inventory and select one of the options. The game will recognize your struggles and give answers that push you in the right direction. Don’t be afraid of using it, but don’t get used to it, as that can spoil the fun!

Instead of a Hint book, you can always check step-by-step Return to Monkey Island walkthroughs on GameTips.PRO.

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