If you are playing a rogue or simply want to avoid certain fights, then you will want to use stealth and sneak past these enemies. Characters will not use stealth by default and you must turn this setting on.

To do so, click on the eyeball icon on the right of your party’s portraits. You can have your entire party stealth or click on individual characters to have only one enter stealth. When a character enters stealth, their silhouette will darken and their movement speed will drop dramatically.

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Not all characters will be effective at stealth. This mechanic relies on dexterity and stealth skill. You can check each character’s character sheet to see their stealth skill score. Sometimes it may be better to have one or two characters use stealth to scout the path ahead before sending the rest of your party in.

In stealth, your characters will have a greater chance of remaining undetected by enemies. This allows you to have a surprise round if you successfully sneak upon them. Stealth is not turned off when combat starts. You will have to manually turn this off otherwise your characters will move much slower than normal. Using stealth is a great way to position your party in the most optimal space before combat begins.

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