The Theia Sky Ruins map in Pokemon Unite is quite different than the Remoat Stadium arena. Aside from the layout of the map, Theia also adds different Pokemon, places to hide, and changes the mechanics when defeating the boss Pokemon in different areas. Regirock, Registeel, and Regice replace Duraludon from the Remoat Stadium map while Regieleki replaces Rotom. Each have different effects as well, giving more incentive to getting them first. This is how all the Regis work in Pokemon Unite.

How Boss Pokemon work in Theia Sky Ruins in Pokemon Unite

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There are a total of five Boss Pokemon in Pokemon Unite that players can defeat to get both Aeos Orbs and XP on the Theia Sky Ruins map. Three of the bosses are on rotation and appear in the Bottom Lane, sharing a spawn timer with the single Boss in the Top Lane. The final Boss will always spawn when there are two minutes left. Rayquaza will spawn wind currents around the map to make it easier to get to goals while increasing the speed of scoring. The team that defeats Rayquaza also gets a Shield that will prevent other players from interrupting them from scoring for a short period of time.

The rewards for boss Pokemon only work for the team that defeats it, meaning that only the last hitting team will reward them with buffs and XP. Stealing these buffs at the last second by finishing off the Boss Pokemon is a strategy that will be seen in many matches and doesn’t require engaging in a team fight. Speedsters are especially effective at this but Pokemon such as Dragonite can do this very well. Players will tend to go together when taking down a Boss, but stealing the final hit can be even more effective.

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How the Regis work in Pokemon Unite

There are four Regis in Pokemon Unite’s Theia Sky Ruins map. Regieleki sits in the Top Lane while Regirock, Registeel, and Regice can each appear in rotation in the Bottom Lane. All four Bosses spawn when the timer reaches seven minutes and will respawn three minutes after being defeated. The Bosses in the Bottom Lane will rotate with one another randomly and each gives different buffs to the team that defeats them. The effects of each Regi are:

  • Regieleki – Moves towards the opposing team’s goal upon defeat, making it so players can instantly score if it reaches it.
  • Regirock – Rewards XP and a 90 second Defense and Special Defense buff to the team who defeats it.
  • Registeel – Rewards XP and a 90 second Attack and Special Attack buff to the team who defeats it.
  • Regice – Rewards XP and a 90 second HP regeneration buff to the team who defeats it.

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