Mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be gathered in the Glad of Trust after unlocking the biome for 5,000 Dreamlight. A couple of Merlin’s quests require you to gather mushrooms, which tend to be a little difficult to find and have long respawn times. Mushrooms do work on a respawn timer, but how long does it last?

Although the timer does not seem to be exact, about two to four mushroom patches spawn in the Glade of Trust every hour. Returning to the Glade of Trust after exactly one hour seems to spawn new mushroom patches, but it can also spawn before an hour. Switching between locations and restarting the game does not spawn more mushrooms, so it seems the only way to get them is to wait.

How to find Mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There is a way to get more mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but it requires advancing through Merlin’s quest to friendship level 10. However, to advance through the quests, you will have to gather the small mushrooms.

Gathering mushrooms for Merlin’s quest may take a long time, but you can keep busy by progressing through other quests or gathering other resources. There is plenty to do in Dreamlight Valley, but unfortunately, waiting for mushrooms to grow is one of them.

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