There’s a brand new console coming onto the market soon! Even more exciting, it will be a handheld console and the first console made by Valve. But how much does this new console cost? Does it have different costs based on storage? Read more below to find out!

What is the Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck is a handheld console made by Valve. Many may know valve as the creators of Steam, the very popular gaming platform. Valve officially announced its new upcoming console on July 15, 2021. The post let people know that the device will be available sometime in December 2021. This announcement has excited many and caused quite a buzz in the gaming community.

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It was announced that there are pre-order options. Pre-orders can only be made through Steam with players who have Steam accounts. Those Steam accounts had to have made purchases before June 2021 to be eligible; this tactic will help reduce malicious behavior from scalpers. There are three tiers available, each with different prices, storage capacities, and perks:

  • $399 – 64GB and comes with a carrying case
  • $539 – 256GB and comes with both a carrying case and excuslive bundle
  • $649 – 512GB and comes with carrying case, bundle, anti-glare glass, and more

These prices seem to be set at the above prices for each tier. It does not seem that players who pre-order will be receiving a discounted price for their purchase. These prices will likely continue after launch day.

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