Deltarune Chapter 2 is releasing today, September 17. The highly anticipated second chapter of Toby Fox’s second game will finally be available three years after Deltarune Chapter 1 was released. Now that it is finally here, the question remains of whether Deltarune Chapter 2 will be free like the first chapter.

There is no official answer. Deltarune Chapter 1 was specifically marketed as being free while Deltarune Chapter 2 has not been. Furthermore, Deltarune Chapter 1’s trailer stated that more chapters are in development and will not be free.

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So it can be assumed that Chapter 2 will not be free. How much it costs is completely unknown and likely won’t be known until it releases at 8pm ET. Undertale, Toby Fox’s first game, was launched at $9.99 but it is also a full game. Deltarune Chapter 2 may have a similar price tag or perhaps a smaller one since it is not the full game.

Those who have played Deltarune Chapter 1 can carry over their progress but on a certain condition. They must have slept in the bed at the end of Chapter 1 and seen the credits. This is the only way the game knows to generate save data. Otherwise, players can opt to start without previous data.

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