Final Fantasy XIV’s latest expansion, Endwalker, has finally launched for the popular MMO. More players are joining the popular online experience than ever before. With so many new players, some may be surprised to find out the game has a monthly subscription fee on top of the game’s price and each expansion. How much does Final Fantasy XIV cost monthly, though?

A monthly subscription to Final Fantasy XIV costs $15. Purchasing Final Fantasy XIV or any of its expansions for the first time will grant players a complimentary 30 days of playtime for their patronage. While the essential subscription is $15, players can buy several subscriptions. The longer the subscription, the bigger the discount for players. We’ve listed each subscription option below:

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  • Final Fantasy XIV Monthly Subscription Rates
    • 30 days—$14.99
    • 90 days—$41.97 ($3 off)
    • 180 days—$77.94 ($12 off)

To purchase playtime directly from Square Enix, head to the Mogstation and select Credit Card/Crysta Payment or Add Game Time Card.

Credit Card Crysta Payment requires players to enter their credit card information and set up a recurring subscription, while Game Time Cards allow players to purchase a code externally. Players can grab 60-day Game Time Cards from retailers like Amazon, GameStop, and Newegg, often at a discounted price.

  • Final Fantasy XIV Game Time Card Cost
    • 60 days—$29.99

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