Digimon Survive is a visual novel through and through—even though the gameplay does introduce a tactical grid gameplay as well. There’s a lot of reading and, more importantly, a lot of decision-making at every turn. If you fear accidentally making the wrong choices in particular branches, we’re here to discuss how choices matter less than you think!

There are three kinds of dialogue Digimon Survive provides you with options for:

  • Those that can raise affinity.
  • Those that can raise a particular karma.
  • The false flags that don’t do anything other than push the plot forward.
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You will know it’s an opportunity to raise affinity (or is a false flag…) when the choices don’t glow when you hover your cursor over them. They can come in two to four dialogue options.

Karma choice will always come in three answers. The left one will glow red when hovered on (for moral), the middle will glow yellow (for wrath), and the right one will glow green (for harmony).

How many endings are there in Digimon Survive?

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Digimon Survive branches out into three routes from chapter eight onward, so choices that affect your karma are those you should be the wariest about. There is no “good” nor “bad” ending among them. Finishing the game with any ending will give you the opportunity to see the true ending once you play the game again.

Karma also affects your party’s partner digivolution lines, so you might want to see what Digimon your partners end up as and partially use that to decide what karma or route to pursue. The higher your karma is for a particular philosophy, the easier it will be for you to invite certain Digimon attributes over. You can check out How to Befriend Every Digimon in Digimon Survive – All Invitation Answers for more details.

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