PC Game Pass subscribers can access the content of Riot Games’ titles for free. Although many games have rules and stipulations, it’s still worth far more than a Game Pass subscription.

How much can you save total on Riot Games with Game Pass?

We will go over each game below, but since subscribers will get all champions, agents, and a few little legends, they’ll save roughly $1,650 over the five titles. Since PC Game Pass only costs about $10 a month, it will take over 160 months (13.3 years) before you overpay for the service.

How much can you save in League of Legends with Game Pass?

As League of Legends has over 150 champions to unlock, the Game Pass saves players close to $970 by unlocking all the champions at the beginning. Bonus points are not taken into account.

How many Riot Points do you need to buy all of the champions in League of Legends?

Many champions have different costs, but the cost of buying every champion is 126,150 Riot Points. The breakdown of each is below.

  • 14 Champions cost 260 RP each – 3,640 RP
  • 22 Champions cost 585 RP each – 12,870 RP
  • 28 Champions cost 790 RP each – 22,120 RP
  • 32 Champions cost 975 RP each – 31,200 RP
  • 64 Champions cost 880 RP each – 56,320 RP

How much can you save in League of Legends: Wild Rift with Game Pass?

There are 82 Champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift that can be unlocked. Each pack of 11,000 Wild Cores costs $99.99, and you would need five to collect all the champions. So, Game Pass saves you $499.95.

How many Wild Cores do you need to buy all of the champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift?

Each champion costs the same, so the math is simple. To get all 82 champions at 725 Wild Cores each, you would need 59,450 Wild Cores.

How much can you save in Valorant with Game Pass?

Even though there are 19 Agents total in Valorant, you get five of them for free. To buy all 14 agents, you’d need a pack of 9,500 VP ($99.99) and a pack of 4,750 VP ($49.99), so Game Pass saves you $149.98.

How many Valorant points do you need to buy all of the Agents in Valorant?

Each agent costs 1,000 VP, and the player needs to unlock 14, so it comes to 14,000 VP for all of them.

How much can you save in Legends of Runterra with Game Pass?

The entire Foundations set is unlocked to Game Pass Subscribers. The Foundations set costs 1845 coins without Game Pass or $19.99 for a 2,050 coin pack.

How much can you save in Teamfight Tactics with Game Pass?

Because the announcement for Teamfight Tactics was vague, it is the most difficult title to judge. It specifically says “Select Little Legends Unlocked” so we can assume it’s just two, but it could be more. Little Legend eggs cost 490 RP or $5 each, so we’ll go with $10

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