Skins are what makes Fortnite such a unique experience. Being able to run around and eliminate enemies while dressed as your favorite superhero or comic character is something that only Fortnite has to offer at this point of time. Over its lifespan, Fortnite has managed to include a lot of characters from different universes into its metaverse, alongside its original skin lines. Most of these skins can be purchased within the Item Shop itself, but there are a good number of skins that are restricted to the seasonal Battle Passes.

How many skins does Fortnite have?

Currently, Fortnite has around 1290 skins. And as the days go by, this number is bound to increase, given that Epic Games does not shy away from collaborations. That said, a lot of skins, like the Renegade Raider skin, can’t be obtained anymore. This skin was seen for the first and the last time during Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 1, and hasn’t been seen since then.

Although most of these skins are just cosmetics, some offer a competitive advantage as well. The Superhero skins, for example, had a black on black customizable appearance that could render anyone invisible in the dark. Epic Games introduced a patch later on that prevented a black on black skin theme. On the other hand, the Dummy Fortnite skin has a very thin frame, that makes the hitbox on this skin very small. That said, you can mix and match all the skins available in Fortnite with your very own choice of back bling, pickaxe and glider, to make your very own style.

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