In total, there are around 20 shrines that players can find and use in Tribes of Midgard. Finding all of these shrines will also unlock the Hunter class and allow the player to travel to all areas of the map with ease.

Players can find these shrines by following roads and searching near bridges in the game. All roads in Tribes of Midgard lead to shrines, and bridges near roads can often do the same. So if you want to find all 20 roads in the game, following roads and searching near bridges is what you need to do.

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As a side note, following the road will also increase your movement speed, and combined with haste potions or the ranger’s movement increase skills when they are fully upgraded, you can have an easier time finding shrines.

That said, here’s a recap and a helpful list to use as a resource when trying to find shrines in Tribes of Midgard. 

How to find all shrines in Tribes of Midgard:

  • Follow all roads to their ends
  • Search near bridges that are near roads
  • Search areas that would make sense for a shrine to be in
  • Search Smokey Highlands fully 
  • Search Glacier Peaks fully.
  • Search area past big bridge fully

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