With over 25 years of history, the Pokémon franchise has amassed quite the catalog of creatures. The roster expands with new Pokémon for players to collect, trade, and evolve each generation. Keeping track of just how many Pokémon there are can be overwhelming, though. How many Pokémon are there across the entire franchise as of 2021?

There are currently 898 Pokémon as of 2021. With 18 different types and eight different generations of Pokémon from various regions, it’s no wonder that the cast of monsters continues to balloon as it has. The roster is sure to continue to grow as the generations continue.

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Generations typically last three to four years, and with the eighth generation of Pokémon beginning in 2019, the ninth generation might not be too far off. Still, another generation hasn’t received an announcement as of Dec. 2021. The Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes are the latest titles to hit the Nintendo Switch, with Pokémon Legends: Arceus set to debut on Jan. 28. 2021, which plans to add even more entries to the expansive list of existing Pokémon.

To see each of the 898 Pokémon, along with their types and descriptions, head over to the official Pokémon website’s Pokédex

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