There are a couple of different ways to play dodge ball in Dodgeball Academia including how many players you can have on the court. This number depends on the game mode and challenge for each match. But, standard tournament rules have a maximum of three players on the court at one time.

Some matches will force you to have a single player on the court or two. Even when a player has been defeated, they can still participate in some game types by playing behind the opposing team. You may also find yourself with a single player on the court, but additional players on the sidelines who can tag in.

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It should be noted that the opposing team does not always play by the same rules as your team. Some matches will have members of the opposing team behind your team at the start of a match. Other challenges may have you facing more than three players on the court at one time.

While you may only have at most three players on the court at a time, you can have more than that on your time. This means you will have to bench some players from time to time and only play those who are your favorites or would excel at particular challenges.

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