Splatoon 3 is a third-person shooter where instead of lethal weapons, you use paintball-like guns. This fast-paced Nintendo Switch game, it’s all about spraying ink all over the map. Although this action game has a single-player mode, the main focus is on multiplayer. So, how many players can play Splatoon 3?

How many players can play one Splatoon 3 match?

Depending on the Splatoon 3 mode, you can play solo or with other players. In most instances, eight players are required to play Splatoon 3 matches. Battles are played mostly 4 on 4, but in Tricolor Turf War, there are three teams with one four-player and two two-player teams. That sounds hectic a little bit, but you’ll most of the time fight alongside three allies against four enemies.

How to play with friends in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 is all about having fun, so the best way to play is with friends. To make it easier for friends to have a shared playing experience, Nintendo has improved Splatoon 3 online matchmaking system. Now you can communicate with friends’ avatars in-game and join their match if there’s an empty player slot.

Keep in mind that if you join your friend mid-game, there is a possibility that you’ll be fighting against him. To avoid that, you can create a private group with friends to gather around before entering battle. If you don’t have a team of four, you’ll get a random player to fill the squad. Also, you can always try offline multiplayer options if you prefer Splatoon 3 couch co-op option.

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