If you are wondering how many people play Tribes of Midgard, the number currently stands at around 500k+ players across multiple platforms. 

It was recently reported as well by the official Twitter for the game via the tweet that reads as follows: “More than half a million of you have protected Midgard just a week after launch.”

If you want to know how many players of that 500k are playing actively on PC, you can figure it out by searching Tribes of Midgard on Steam charts. 

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According to Steamcharts, Tribes of Midgard has a total of 16k to 15k players who are playing active right now and within a 24-hour cycle. That’s a decent player base, considering Tribes of Midgard is an Indie studio.

The game was also in the top-selling games on Steam of this week, ranking third place according to Daniel Ahmad. Overall, Tribes of Midgard seems to be performing well, and it is honestly nice to see.

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