Overwatch 2 is becoming a new fan favorite of FPS gamers globally. But just how many people are playing? We’ve got a breakdown below to try and make sense of the number of players online for Overwatch 2.

How many total players are on Overwatch 2?

Image via Blizzard

Since the release of Overwatch 2 on October 4, 2022, many players have clamored to join the FPS game. Within less than a week of its release, Overwatch 2 gained a total amount of 10.2 million players, according to the player tracking site Active Player. This is an impressive improvement compared to the release of the first Overwatch game. The first installment had 7 million players within the first week.

How many active users are playing Overwatch 2?

Image via Blizzard

The amount of active users currently playing Overwatch 2 is a number that will constantly fluctuate, but we can attempt to get as accurate of an answer as possible. At a one-hour interval, according to Active Player, about 154,000 gamers are tuning into Overwatch 2. That’s a lot of people getting online! Remember that this number can fluctuate heavily depending on more or less popular times of day to play.

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