If you are wondering how many players are playing Minecraft right now, the number is currently estimated to be around 126 million as of 2020. This number was confirmed via a blog post from the studio head of Mojang studios, Helen Chiang, on Xbox wire.

In the post, Helen Chiang went on to say the following, “We are humbled that there have now been more than 200 million copies of Minecraft sold to date, and 126 million people are now playing Minecraft every month.”

So there you have it, well over 126 million people are currently playing Minecraft every month. Of course, this number is sure to go up and down as the months progresses. In fact, according to statista, the number is now around 140 million people, and we would imagine it is even higher now due to the recent 1.17 update for Minecraft.

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In this recent update called Caves and Cliffs part one, a ton of new features and content were added to the game, such as spy glasses, copper ore, and a ton of new mobs. For example, Minecraft now has both glow squids and goats, and even a rare fish creature that hides in underwater caves. 

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