Few mobile games have the staying power that Candy Crush Saga has. The 2012 puzzle game sees constant updates and changes across several platforms that keep its fans entertained. For a game that’s seen updates regularly for almost a decade, how many levels does Candy Crush Saga have in 2021?

There are currently over 9725 levels in Candy Crush Saga‘s HTML version and over 9800 levels in the Windows 10/App Version. These levels stretch across 649 episodes, with some players having access to even more as play testers. With new levels being released every week, there seems to be no end in sight for the popular puzzle game.

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With variants of the game on PC and Mobile, Candy Crush Saga has firmly cemented itself as an industry titan.

Developer King, a subsidiary of Activision-Blizzard, is most known for its work on Candy Crush Saga, and the game is the company’s most profitable release to date. With such exorbitant returns, it’s unlikely that King will shift their focus from this mobile mainstay.

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