Golf and high-powered vehicles collide in Turbo Golf Racing. In this fast-paced sports game, you will compete against seven other players as you race to the finish, knocking your ball ahead of you along the way. There are numerous holes to play in golf, so this may leave you wondering if there are multiple levels in Turbo Golf Racing.

The answer is yes—there are multiple levels in Turbo Golf Racing. There will be 30 levels to play at launch, each one being a new course to golf and race on. Some of these were shown off on the official Turbo Golf Racing Twitter, which you can see below.

While Turbo Golf Racing is launching with 30 courses, developer Hugecalf Studios plans to update the game with regular free content. This inlcudes adding more courses to the game, meaning you will have even more levels to play and master.

Becoming a master golfer and racer will take time, especially when you consider the large number of courses in the game. However, Turbo Golf Racing features offline modes where you can practice your skills to become number one!

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