When Resident Evil 7: Biohazard released in 2017, the game played as a linear experience similar to most entries in the franchise. But players were presented with a choice near the game’s end that resulted in two different endings. Resident Evil Village does not continue the pattern.

We won’t spoil the details here, but do know that you will not be forced to decide between two options like RE 7: Biohazard. Instead, RE: Village promises one definitive ending, a conclusion filled with twists that promises to surprise players. Moreover, all players should stick around through the credits for a post-credit scene, a brief tease of the franchise’s future.


In Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, fans of the series were introduced to Ethan Winters, a typical everyman protagonist in search of Mia, his lost wife. In comes the Baker family, owners of a derelict Louisiana plantation who were corrupted by a biomutant weapon. Ethan soon discovers that Mia was infected by the same mutation and fights for her cure and their survival.

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Near the game’s end, Ethan obtains the serum, a cure for the disease, but is presented with two options: give the cure to Mia or give it to Zoe, daughter of the Baker family. If Ethan saved Zoe, Mia dies and you leave the plantation having lost the only reason you arrived in the first place. If Ethan saved Mia, then both characters leave the plantation with a happy ending.

Naturally, Ethan choosing Mia was the canonical ending as confirmed by the beginning of RE: Village. But as is typical of Resident Evil fashion, happy endings only last so long…

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