Unlike every other entry in the Dynasty Warriors series, Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires gives you the power to really build a fleshed-out kingdom. Rather than having only a few leading characters govern an entire country, Omega Force allows you to create up to 850 custom Officers and use them for the various game modes.

To break it down, 50 custom Officers can be created for a single group, and 17 groups can be made in total. All Officers can be given specific Titles, which can be obtained by playing through Conquest Mode.

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How to create a custom Officer

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In order to create a custom Officer, you will need to navigate to the Edit Mode section in the Main Menu. From here, you will be able to customize an Officer.

In the editor, you will have the option to select a gender, equip armor and abilities, and alter certain move sets and actions. Saving a customized Officer automatically makes them available to use in Conquest Mode.

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