There are twelve chapters in total in Stray, including the Slums which is split into two parts. Many chapters feature various collectibles, items, and quests that you must complete to progress in the story as well as 100 percent the game. Some chapters are brief and do not have any notable collectibles. Here is how many chapters you can play in Stray.

All chapters in Stray – Chapter List

Once you progress to the next chapter, you cannot return to it unless you select to replay the chapter from the main menu. If you do not complete the chapter, the collectibles will not save. This means you must redo your work if you exit the game mid-chapter.

  1. Inside the Wall
    • No quests or items here.
  2. Dead City
    • Fans
  3. The Flat
    • Memories
    • Computer
    • Digicode
  4. The Slums
    • All seven Memories
    • All eight Music Sheets
    • Notebooks
    • Safes/Digicode
    • All four Energy Drink Cans
    • Super Spirit Detergent
    • Electrical Cable
    • Poncho
    • Music Badge
  5. Rooftops
    • Memories
  6. The Slums Part 2
    • Memories. If you missed any the first time.
    • Broken Tracker
    • Badge
  1. Dead End
    • Memories
  2. The Sewers
    • Memories
  3. Antvillage
    • Memories
    • Plants
    • Badge
  4. Midtown
    • Memories
    • Safe
    • Cassette Tape/Cassette Player
    • Worker’s Jacket
    • Worker’s Helmet
    • Atomic Battery
    • Badge
  5. Jail
    • Memories
  6. Control Room

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