In As Dusk Falls, players will experience narrative-rich choice-based gameplay, where every decision you make will impact all the characters. Set in 90’s Arizona, the game revolves around the Holt and the Walker family in an uncompromising crime drama that is bound to make players go over their choices in retrospect. Each decision you take has remarkable significance in the game, and it decides how the narrative unfolds. The story is divided into two books, and it revolves around the choices and decisions taken by previous generations.

How long is As Dusk Falls

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There are six chapters in As Dusk Falls, and they are divided into two different books: Collision, and Expansion. The game’s narrative follows two families and their lives spanning 30 years, and each decision you make heavily impacts the story’s direction. Here are all the chapters in As Dusk Falls:

Book 1 Collision

  • Chapter 1 – Desert Dream
  • Chapter 2 – Economics 101
  • Chapter 3 – Small Seconds

Book 2 Expansion

  • Chapter 4 – Shimá
  • Chapter 5 – Paradise Found
  • Chapter 6 – Cascade

In As Dusk Falls, players will get to replay the story to uncover unique outcomes with different dialogue choices. The story starts with a robbery-gone-wrong situation but quickly evolves into a captivating tale of survival, tolerance, and interwoven destiny. Players will often come across the Crossroad option where the decision you take will direct the course of the story. Although you will have a small window to make decisions, always double-check the dialogue options to see which reply fits best in the specific context.

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