Biomutant is an open-world survival game that will feature dozens of mechanics and a mountain of customizable options. With all the content we expect to see, many players are curious to know how long it will take to finish so they can determine whether it’s worth their time.

In an interview with GamingBolt, Experiment 101 studio head Stefan Ljungqvist had a lot to say about the upcoming release, including a telling fact about the length of the game:

Our estimation for a rushed run-through of Biomutant is at about 12-15 hours. This means: focus on the main story, skip most dialogues, don’t go wandering off for exploration and ignore sidequests. On the other hand, one of our team-members is just giving Biomutant a go the way he usually plays games. He isn’t done yet and has about 65 hours of playtime. So it really depends on what type of player you are.

What we can tell from the quote above is that you will have plenty to do in this vast post-apocalyptic environment. The map will be 64 square kilometers, which is a few square kilometers shy of being twice as big as Skyrim‘s map. In it, we expect thousands of sidequests.

If you’re a speedrunner, you can finish this game in less than one waking day. However, if you like to stop and smell the overgrown and untamed post-apocalyptic roses, this game will be a dream come true.

We’re covering everything Biomutant in the coming weeks to keep you up to speed. Be sure to check out all of our great content on our Biomutant homepage.

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