Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has been designed to be more of a live service, and with that comes events. The first event is the Tenrai Fractures event, and this has been broken up into several weeks. The first week of this has already come and gone, and the second week is here, which may have fans wondering how long it lasts.

The second week of the Halo Infinite Tenrai Fractures event is in January 2022. It will run from Jan. 4 until Jan. 10. This gives fans a week to participate in the event and unlock unique cosmetic items.

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The Halo Infinite Tenrai Fractures events have a samurai theme to their cosmetic pieces, and this new week brings new looks to the game. To earn these new cosmetic pieces, players will need to complete event challenges which typically ask the player to complete missions in the Fiesta game mode.

If you want to deck your Spartan out in cool samurai gear, you will need to complete Fiesta matches while completing the objective. Check out some of the items in the trailer below!

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