Sifu is not a very long game and the price seems to fit what’s being sold.

Players can beat Sifu in about 7-10 hours if they’re moderately good at the game. The story, from beginning to end, only takes about 5-7 hours and even less with minor deaths. The game will take them a little over 10 hours to complete if they play and try to unlock most of the content.

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The average early playthroughs from streamers spent about 30-45 minutes on the level shown by IGN. Several early access playthroughs shown to fans appear to end right before the main character enters a similar door at the bar. This is where the main storyline element and boss are located.

Players can only experience most of the game through death since that’s how you reach the skill leveling screen. Players can also skip parts of levels if they die and use the detective board. Therefore, while dying may slow down the game, there are ways to catch up faster.

According to the developers, the game requires multiple playthroughs to fully understand the story. Therefore, players should assume they can play the game all the way through, but it won’t feel finished until they replay it.

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